US Smartway Transport Partnership

Organization: USEPA

Location: USA

Date Start: 2004

Freight Scope: Trucks




The SmartWay Transport program was established in 2004 with the aim to improve fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from commercial truck and rail freight transport in the United States.


The program also aims to create strong market-based incentives that challenge companies shipping products, and transportation companies delivering these products to adopt fuel-saving strategies that increase profits and reduce emissions. The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) manages the program that is supported by major freight associations, environmental groups, US states, companies, and trade publications.


It consists of

► SmartWay Transport Partnership is a government-industry collaboration between US EPA, freight shippers, carriers, logistics companies and other stakeholders;

► SmartWay Technology Program is a testing and verification program designed to quantify emission reductions and fuel savings from various available technologies;

► SmartWay Innovative Finance is a creative program that helps companies to acquire fuel-efficient emission reduction technologies through easier access to financial mechanisms; and

► SmartWay Outreach and Education includes partner recognition through the SmartWay website, logo use and awards, partner education (webinars, fact sheets, e-update, web site, workshops, and events), brand marketing (announcements, media campaigns and events), pilot projects, and international activities.



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