Green Freight China Program

Organization: Clean Air Asia with support from China Sustainable Energy Program (Energy Foundation) and partners (Ministry of Transport, Cascade Sierra Solutions, US EPA and others)

Location: China

Date Start: (currently under development)

Freight Scope: Road freight




City level and regional level projects for the freight sector will be successful and sustained only if an integrated policy package is in place nationally, due to the freight being carried across regional boundaries. A Green Freight China Program will be designed that focuses on energy efficiency and reduced GHG and air pollutants, that


► Fills gaps in national policies and institutions that aim to reduce fuel use and emissions from the freight sector, and fill gaps the Guangdong GEF project that is restricted to the Guangdong Province.

► Provides a basis for nation-wide efforts to reduce fuel use and emissions from the freight sector. The program design will build on existing programs in other countries as well as the Green Trucks Pilot Project in Guangzhou

► Could also be used as a model for other countries establishing such programs, especially developing countries.


The idea stems from the involvement of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) in the World Bank Guangzhou Green Trucks Pilot Project (Dec 2008 – Feb 2010) and preparation of a GEF Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration Project (launch planned in September 2011), as well as the success of the SmartWay Transport program in the US and steps towards a similar program in Europe.


The main output of the project is this Green Freight Design Report, that includes the design framework of the overall program, and details of the various components of the proposed program including Technologies, Logistics, Financing, Knowledge and Capacity and Green Freight Partnerships. In addition, a number of background studies and surveys were carried out in support of the program framework design which are listed in in the report.


The project outputs and other background information are also available on a website established by CAI-Asia to support sharing of information and contacts on green freight and logistics (


The Draft Green Freight China Program Design Report is available here.