Volvo Trucks crowns the world’s most fuel-efficient professional in the Drivers’ Fuel Challenge

Date Posted: 2011-10-18

The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge is a global competition arranged by Volvo Trucks in which professional truck drivers compete to drive in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. A suitable driving style can promote significant savings for both the environment and the haulage company’s economy. On October 22 some of the world’s best experts in fuel-efficient driving will meet for the competition finals at the Volvo Demo Center in Göteborg, Sweden.

"We have noted considerable enthusiasm from the markets participating in the competition, confirming that there is a lot of interest in fuel-efficient driving and also that it really does deliver results in the form of reduced emissions and better fuel economy," says Staffan Jufors, President and CEO of Volvo Trucks.


More than 3,600 drivers took part in the qualifying rounds of the competition on 15 European and five Asian markets. The winners of the various local qualifying rounds will test their skills against one another at the grand final in Göteborg.


Volvo Trucks has always had a strong focus on environmental issues, with the environment being one of the company's core values. Accordingly, the development of technologies and services that contribute to lower emissions and improved economy has long been high on the company's list of priorities. With products such as the I-Shift transmission system and services such as Dynafleet, an online fleet management system, Volvo Trucks has ably demonstrated that it is an excellent choice in areas such as environmental performance and optimising the fuel consumption. However, no matter how advanced the truck's technology, the driver is still the key factor when it comes to fuel-efficient transport.


"The driver is the most decisive factor when it comes to cutting emissions and therefore we want to encourage professional drivers to adopt a fuel-efficient driving style. A skilled driver can reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 10 percent, which cuts not only CO2 emissions but transport costs too," explains Staffan Jufors.


The winner of the Drivers' Fuel Challenge gets a Volvo Lifetime Experience - a trip for two to a destination with a Volvo operation. The prize is valued at about 15,000 US dollars. The competition is the first global one of its kind and is planned to be a recurring event.


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