Rio+20 Voluntary Commitment: Promoting Green Freight in Europe and Asia

Date Posted: 2012-07-02

Rio+20 is a conference about implementation, and an important part of that is making and delivering commitments. Commitments have been invited from various stakeholders businesses, other Major Group organizations, associations, academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, UN entities, partnerships involving more than one stakeholder, and Member States.


The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), Secretariat for Green Freight Europe: European Shippers’ Council (ESC) and EVO Dutch Shippers’ Council and the Sustainable Supply Chain Centre Asia Pacific (SSCCAP) jointly made a voluntary commitment to Promote Green Freight in Europe and Asia.

What will the commitment achieve?


Green freight programs will be fully operational in Europe and Asia that help countries reduce fossil fuel dependency, improve air quality and minimize CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change, without hindering economic development. These programs promote reporting and reduction of fuel use and carbon emissions from freight movement and the standardization and harmonization of those reporting methods. This helps the freight sector to become more competitive through reduced fuel costs; improve carbon accounting and reporting to clients; ensure recognition of green efforts, thus enhance its reputation; and provide input into government freight policies and programs. 


Several organizations have also developed voluntary commitments on sustainable transport. An overview of Rio+20 Voluntary Commitments on Sustainable Transport is available here:


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