Private Sector Joining Hands to advance Green Freight in Asia and India

Date Posted: 2012-05-30

29 May 2012


The momentum for Green Freight in Asia keeps growing. Thirty representatives from the private sector met in Singapore for a third Green Freight Asia Network (GFAN) meeting of shippers (manufacturers), freight carriers, third party logistics providers, and associations. The meeting focused on a GFAN survey on green freight practices covering clean technologies, alternative fuels and vehicles, modal shift, fleet management and logistics solutions, and of private sector priorities and challenges. Networks members also discussed the blueprint of GFAN for the future: covering the legal compliance and neutral status of GFAN; systems and tool which includes research and solutions; the involvement of GFAN in national programs and policies; and creating a platform for sharing, recognition of sustainable practices of GFAN partners and adoption of fuel efficient technologies and strategies. Both the study and a GFAN strategy 2013-2015 will be launched in December.



As a follow up to the Green Freight India Seminar of January 2012, DHL and GIZ (who have established a Development Partnership with the Private Sector, more information available here) with input from SSCCAP and CAI-Asia, held a workshop with private sector companies and associations, and on a second day with NGOs, research institutes and development agencies, to discuss the feasibility of a SmartWay-like program in India. Participants agreed that the focus of such a program should be on awareness across the supply chain; transparency of carbon emissions; harmonized fuel and emissions measurement methodologies; consistent standards; skill development of drivers and companies; policies, governance and compliance; and infrastructure and technologies. As a next step, a strategy will also be developed specifically for India, and new private sector companies and other organizations are welcome to join the discussion.


For more information: Green Freight Asia Network (GFAN)