Sixth Regional EST Forum in Asia

Date: 1 December 2011 -

Location: New Delhi, India




Different from past Regional EST forums, the Sixth Regional EST Forum in Asia will be organized as an integrated meeting with the Urban Mobility India (UMI) 2011 Conference and Exhibition, December 3-6, 2011, New Delhi, India. The integrated event is titled "Conference cum Exhibition on Sustainable Mobility". UMI-2011 is an annual flagship event of the Ministry of Urban Development of the Government of India ((MOUD-India). As the second largest population and one of the emerging urban economies in the world, India faces a huge challenge of urban mobility with world’s fastest urbanizing rate and rapid growth of personalized vehicles. In 2005, the MOUD-India launched two significant and transformative initiatives to move India’s development trajectory onto a more sustainable path: 1) the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) which has seen catalytic investment of over US$ 10 billion in urban sectors including transport across sixty-three mission cities, and 2) the National Urban Transport Policy which provides strategic guidance for an increasing number of regional and local initiatives to improve urban mobility across India’s states and cities. The integrated Conference (Sixth Regional EST Forum and UMI-2011) held under the common theme of Sustainable Mobility, with more than a thousand participants, will provide an important venue for discussing sustainable transport policy options, measures, and technologies, and sharing experiences and best practices in sustainable transport.


The main objectives of the Sixth EST Forum in Asia and the UMI-2011 will be to:


• contribute towards improved understanding and strengthened regional consensus on different transport policy options and institutional measures that contributes to not only achieving the twenty goals under the Bangkok 2020 Declaration but also building a Green Economy in the context of poverty alleviation and sustainable development;


• review innovative initiatives, achievements and good practices in promoting the Bangkok 2020 Declaration including improving high quality public transport and NMT, implementing effective transport demand management (TDM), reducing ambient air pollution, enhancing road safety, establishing sustainable management of two and three wheelers, increasing the mobility and accessibility of different social groups, and bridging the gap between urban and rural areas;


• address and identify opportunities for collaborative actions and partnerships including bilateral, multilateral and regional financial mechanisms on implementing economically viable, socially inclusive and environmentally sound transport systems in developing countries and countries with economies in transition in close cooperation with development agencies and donor organizations;


• contribute towards enhance regional input to the UNCSD 2012 Rio+20


• provide a platform for interagency coordination, both at national and international levels, towards facilitating partneships and colaboration among governments, international organizations, NGOs, and donor agencies in effectively implementing the Bangkok 2020 Declaration


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