One Atmosphere: Making the Connections

Date: 1 September 2011 - 30 September 2011

Location: Paris, France




In its Final Declaration, the XVth World Clean Air Congress held in Vancouver, September 2010, concluded that global environmental challenges had in recent years become steadily more severe and pressing, and that in three principle areas a paradigm shift in the approach to air quality policy and its relation to the wider global environment, was now necessary, urgent and achievable. It urged a new focus on the impacts of air pollution on the health of eco-systems and biodiversity; a new approach to climate change which, through integrating climate and air pollution policies, would complement the current focus on long-term abatement of CO2 with a wider initiative on other climate forcing gases - ozone, methane and black carbon - which could deliver both major health benefits and mitigate near-term climate change; and, underpinning these two, a new effort to strengthen the institutions and processes for international co-operation on air pollution.


Key Conference Themes:


Air Pollution and Climate Change – How can we link assessment, planning and policy at the local regional and international scales?
Bio-diversity, Eco-system Services and Crop Damage – how can we help mitigate damage from air pollution, and contribute to protection of biodiversity?
International Co-operation on air Pollution - How can we now build the hemispheric and global strategies now needed for Ozone, Methane and Black Carbon.


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